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13 Ways to Run Successful Remote Meetings

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Remote meetings are a key part of collaboration, especially for teams that are distributed. However, they are less efficient than meetings held in person when you don’t adhere to the proper etiquette for meetings. However, many of the methods that help make meetings more productive and fun in person can be applied to virtual meetings. Here are 13 tips from Forbes Coaches Council members on how to run a successful remote meeting:

1. Use an agenda.

Start the meeting by establishing an agenda in order to keep it focus and avoid getting lost in conversational nonsense. If you are able, draft an agenda that incorporates input from the attendees and present it at first.

2. Encourage everyone to speak up.

A few people are reluctant to attend online meetings because they are afraid of dominating the conversation or being interrupted. Consider using a conference camera and microphone that filter out background noises, and amplify all voices equally. Make sure to ask questions or remarks at the end of the conference to ensure everyone can be heard.

3. Prioritize action items and follow up.

Meetings are often ended with a vague list of action items and no clear plan of follow-up. To avoid this, determine the way actions will be documented and followed-up upon at the start of a meeting. Then, you can review them at its end. It’s also good to set up follow-up one-on-one meetings or a second team meeting within a reasonable time frame.

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